Here at Grendon we think it's really important for you to get the most out of the activity you take part in. We offer tailor made activities to each group or you can select one of our ready made themes based on your group requirements.

​Featured activities

Further information about our activities

​All of our activities are for groups made up of 8 to 15 people.

Activities are subject to change on the day. You will be given a final programme for your visit on arrival.

Read more about the activities we offer and who they are suitable for:

​Activity​What is it about?​Suitable for
​Low ropes challenge​The low level ropes course is a set of low level ropes that link up to one another. The challenge is for the team to get around the course.5+​
​The swampTake part in a low ropes course over our amazing swamp pool. This is a great incentive to get across the obstacles without falling off!​8+
​Canoeing​With three people to a boat this activity is great for team building as well as skill development and confidence building. This is an off site activity on the River.​8+
​Raft building​Each rival team are provided with barrels, ropes and poles. They then have the challenge to build a raft and do various challenges for points to beat the other team.​8+
​Search and rescueUsing clue​s to work together in order to find and save a downed pilot.8+​
​Team buildingThis is used on all of our courses in order for instructors to get to know how the group work together and then tailor the activities to best meet the groups needs.​​6+
​PioneeringMake a structure with your team out of wood and rope and try to get the whole team off the ground.​8+​
​Orienteering​The orienteering course has a range of courses to suit all levels of ability, teaching map reading skills and team work.6+​
​Tarzan Challenge​This is a high ropes course that runs over our stream. Buddy up and take responsibility for clipping themselves in to the safety system.​8+
​Adventure walk​A great activity to get out into the countryside of Northamptonshire, you have a choice of an environmental, navigation or a team building walk.​3+
​Activity​What is it about?​Suitable for
​High ropes challengeClimb to the top of a 40ft high tree before ​diving to hit the balloon suspended in the air or begin your climb up a 30ft totem pole before jumping from a small platform to catch a trapeze pole.8+​
Archery​Archery is the perfect activity to develop hand and eye co-ordination and balance. ​8+
​Mountain Biking

​The session starts with skill development. Groups then navigate around the site. Off site trips can also be arranged.


Please note: You must be able to ride a bike for this activity.

​Activity​What is it about?​Suitable for
​Nightline​With the aid of a guide, negotiate our ground level obstacle course blindfolded.​6+
​Team games​Work off any energy left with a selection of team games.​6+
​Fire pitBake dough sticks, have a good sing song or tell jokes around our fire pit.​6+​
​Mixed bagA series of point scoring challenges, the group gets to choose what they do and when.​6+​
​Hot chocolate challengeThe groups have 1 hour to fill their cup picture with hot chocolate - this is done by answering questions around the site. If you get all of the questions right you get a hot chocolate.​6+​
​Activity​What is it about?​Suitable for
​Junior archery​Archery is the perfect activity to develop hand-eye coordination and balance.​3+
Caterpillar courseBeat the challenge of our low level ropes course. Overcome balance beams and Tarzan swings.​3+
​Work bench​This activity involves children learning how to work safely with hammer and nails in a controlled environment.​3+
​Parachute gamesThis activity encourages cooperative, non-competitive play and reinforces sharing and turn-taking. Play cat and mouse, mushroom and pop corn.​​3+
​Activity​What is it about?​Suitable for
Tree facesMake a face in the trees with play dough and whatever you can find to make the features. Twigs make great eyebrows!3 - 12
Mini beast home buildingCreate a little house using sticks, stones and mud for mini beasts or birds to shelter in.​3 - 12
Teddy bear huntFollow our woodland trail. Who will be the first to find a teddy bear hidden in the grounds?3 - 12
​Mini beast huntingHunt for mini beasts in our woodland area and then discuss the their features.3 - 12

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